Medical Instruments

First, you came to this website because you are looking for a medical surgical instrument, equipment, supply or tool. You are looking for an instrument that you want to buy or purchase. It doesn’t matter whether it is new or used. All our used items have been tested and recertified. Despite that, we can offer these equipments for an acceptable price. Feel free to look around and for your convenience we have sorted everything by categories. Finally, this is easier for you to search for what you are looking for. At last, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Operating room

OperationroomAnesthesia, Lights, Operating table and troley’s,  


EndoscopyCables, Lights and lights sources,
scopes, Urology, ENT,  Orthopedics

Patient Intensive care

patientcareInfusion, Intensive Care, Oximeters, beds,  Various


laboratorySterilizers, Instrument Washers, centrifuges, Various 


microsopeMicroscopes, Lights and light sources, Various.

Patient Monitors

medical-instruments-monitorDifferent brands. 

Research scanners

scannersCT scan, MRI scan, PET scan, X-ray. Various.

Surgical instruments

Spare parts and various


Instruments and systems


Why choose Peters-Instru-Med?

  • First, we are specialized in medical and surgical instruments. Medical equipments, supplies and tools.
  • Second, Peter Instru Med helps to support the setting up of medical healthcare. Such as hospital, clinic, pharmacy and medical training projects in the Ghana region.
  • Third, we are a manufacturer of non-commercial surgical-, medical instruments.
  • We are also happened to be a supplier of new and used surgical-, medical instruments.
  • Important: New and used equipments or tools are tested, calibrated, fully operational and supplied with a certification sticker.
  • As follows, in collaboration with Medistock we provide proper calibration. Also testing, service and repair of medical instruments for hospital or clinic.
  • Peter Instru Med is highly experienced, certified and qualified. Even test and calibration equipment are available at all times.
  • We assist and guarantee project planning and coaching for surgical, medical-related projects in hospitals and clinics.
  • At last but not least, our medical service and products are offered worldwide.





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