This is a medical equipment website specialized in medical technology. Such as devices with ultrasound, instruments for science, systems for medical alert which comes with medical facts or reports. Peters Instru Med is an online shop for medical supplies, targeting medical health care workers as in nurse, student, assistant, doctor that work in hospital, center, clinic and even at a medical point or zone. The shop offers new and used “second hand” instruments. If you are searching from Pakistan, USA, Europe or South Africa. We make no distinction, anyone can order from us.

Medical device

Is there a medical shop near me? Yes of course there is! Unfortunately, our company is probably not near you. But our web shop is easily reachable for the medical items that you need. It doesn’t matter if you are in Germany or in South Africa. You can reach our medical shop worldwide. If you want to buy medical equipment for example first aid kit, medical thermometer or operation instruments. Even tools for your research departments as in the laboratory or tools for an oncologist. You will all find it at our store. All our medical equipment’s come with a certificate from the Netherlands. The items are tested, calibrated and recertified. So they are fully operational. Ready for use.

Medical Tool

If you have questions about for example a medical instrument oximeter, spare parts, bulk of items or if you have any question about financing. Please do not hesitate to contact us, together we will come to the best solution.

Medical or trauma

Browse for medical research council scales, blades, needles, scissors, systems, kits, defibrillators all the medical items you need in one shop. Even if you are searching for a camera down throat for endoscopy instrument, you can all find it at our medical store. In the categories you will find a list of names, that makes it easier to browse.


Dutch: Medisch apparatuur

German: Medizinische ausrüstung

French: équipement médical

Italian: apparecchiature mediche

Spanish: Equipo medico