If you are a new health care facility as in a hospital, clinic, center or any other facilities that works with nurses, sisters, assistants, doctor, then you are dealing with nursing and take caring of the patient with the right surgery equipment. There are several complications where you need the right tool. Tools for a department in a hospital or clinic. Whether you need to make an incision with the right blade or monitoring a patient heart. You can all find this surgery equipment in our web shop.

Surgical instruments

Everything to get the best out of nursing, with the best tools from this medical health care instruments company. ” Is this store near me?” If you are located in the Netherlands, then yes it is. Are you located abroad, then unfortunately this shop is not nearby. That’s why we’re offering all these equipments online. Whether you search tools for your procedure with or without anesthesia, instruments to lose weight or tools to make you taller. Even If it comes with urgency or just a bed for the recovery room. You name it and you will find it.

Surgery diagnosis

Systems that will check on your patient heart or stomach for the operation room, even equipments for the quarantine room. That’s of course now necessarily with all that COVID-19 virus everywhere in the world. Instruments for operating a nose, breasts or heart, anything on a human body. You need to do it with the right equipment. Peters Instru Med has knifes, kits, x-ray unit, there is a name list of categories when you go to the shop. The category name list will provide pictures and images. That would be the ease of browsing.


Dutch: Chirurgische apparatuur

German: Chirurgische Ausrüstung

French: Matériel de chirurgie

Italian: Attrezzatura chirurgica

Spanish: Equipo de cirugia